EAST AFRICA: Another sodomy claim taints priestly celibacy

189342-asumbi-catholic-church-asumbi-kenyaA Uganda young man studying for the Catholic priesthood with the Dominican religious order in Kenya has sensationally revealed how one of his teachers, a priest, raped him two years ago.

Godfrey Muleme says the priest sodomised him while they slept in the same room in a hotel in the Ugandan capital Kampala on the night of October 8, 2011. They had gone there to watch an African Cup of Nations qualifier match between Kenya and Uganda.

“After the match the priest proposed that we take dinner together before I headed home. I obliged,” Muleme told Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper.

“We were having such a great time that I did not notice the hours fly by. By the time we were done it was almost midnight, so the priest proposed that it would be safer for me to spend the night at a hotel than criss-cross Kampala at night heading home.” The seminarian had planned to go home to see his sick mother while they were in Kampala.

At the hotel, the priest decided it would be cost-effective to share a room. “I was about to doze off when the man touched me in a way that I felt was inappropriate, but I brushed it off…,” Muleme recalled.

“… I woke up in the middle of the night to find my priest molesting me. My heart has never sunk so low as when the reality of it all dawned on me. I pushed him off and sprang out of bed, shocked and scandalised. I fumbled with the door and ran out, unsure about whether to scream or to deal with him man-to-man.”

Muleme says he was first sexually assaulted by a relative at the age of 12 and has lived with the secret since then.

He has informed his Dominican superiors about the rape in Uganda and they have launched investigations. He has also requested the religious order to allow him to leave.

There have been several reported claims of sodomy by Catholic priests in Kenya. Last month the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko said he wanted an Italian Catholic priest, Fr Renato Sesana Kizito, accused of sexual molestation two years ago, charged.

Mr Tobiko said there was enough evidence to sustain a charge against Fr Kizito in a case brought against him by one of his former employees.

Father Kizito was arrested in May 2011 after Collins Ochieng’, who used to work for him, alleged the priest had drugged him before molesting him. Investigations by the police had exonerated the priest.

In 2009, explicit pictures and a video were posted on social media apparently showing Fr Kizito engaging in a sexual act with a young man.

In February, Immanuel Shikuku, the 45-year-old son of prominent politician the late Martin Shikuku filed a case in Italy and the UK against the Catholic Mill Hill Missionaries congregation whose six priests he said sexually molested him in the 1980s and 1990s.

Another Mill Hill missionary, Dutch Bishop Cornelius Schilder, was forced by the Vatican to retire as the head of Ngong Diocese and return to Holland after it emerged that he had defiled a boy several years ago.


One response to “EAST AFRICA: Another sodomy claim taints priestly celibacy

  1. I can hardly understand these revelations coming from such Innocence people been taken advantage of their simplicity.
    Why are we mocking God? Not at all, rather we are incurring God’s anger upon us.
    Where is our Faith? Where is our decency? Those perpetrators should be exposed publicly even if they are priests or Bishops or lay because the issue of sodomy is a serious one, I must say those behind these acts are not human wings, but bloody animals and should be treated as such. God bless Uganda.

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