SOUTH AFRICA: Bishops urge Catholics, all to register as voters

2010_provincial_synod SA bishops

The Administrative Board of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference has called on all eligible Catholics and citizens to register for next year’s elections.

South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has set aside the November 9-10 weekend for a nationwide voter registration campaign targeting more than two million new eligible voters.

“Participating in an electoral process is a moral obligation”, the bishops said, citing Article 2240 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

On this coming weekend (9th-10th November 2014), please visit your nearest Independent Electoral Commission’s office, voting station or Municipal Electoral Office to: 1. check your voter registration status. 2. register if you are a first-time voter. 3. re-register if your address has changed.”

The bishops also advised citizens to visit the IEC website,, or sms their ID number to 32810.

South Africa’s voters’ roll contains just over 23 million names, and the IEC aims to have 25 million people vote in next year’s election – the fifth general election since the landmark poll of 1994 that ended white minority rule.

IEC chairwoman Pansy Tlakula said 22,263 registration stations would be open on Saturday and Sunday, staffed by 45,795 election officials to register and verify voters.


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