UGANDA: Renegade general blames state for brother’s murder

m7Runaway Ugandan army general David Sejusa has pointed an accusing finger at President Yoweri Museveni’s government for the recent mysterious death of his bother.

Gen. Sejusa’s younger brother Dan Mutungi, aged 56, was found dead at father’s dam on 1 November.

“What is certain is that he was under intense psychological torture since I left the country. And he did air out his frustrations,” Gen. Sejusa who lives in exile in London said in a statement.

“I’m told the police are trying to establish the cause of death. Whatever the outcome, the abusive nature of the Museveni government is squarely to blame,” he said.

“I’m strong and firm. His death only gives me more resolve to ensure that we struggle to ensure our people live and die in dignity they deserve. That never again shall the state directly or indirectly be complicit in the killing of its citizens. That never again should Ugandans fail to return home to bid farewell to their departed ones. To this struggle I commit myself.”

Gen Sejusa has been sadi to be planning a rebellion to oust President Museveni, a claim Museveni dismissed as “rubbish.”

Gen Sejusa was the co-ordinator of intelligence services of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces and the UPDF Member of Parliament. He fell out with President Museveni and fled into exile fearing for his life.

He had asked the government to investigate rumours of a plot to assassinate senior public officials opposed to Museveni’s succession plan.

President Museveni’s alleged plan is to step down and hand over power to his son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba.  Critics say the sudden rise of Muhoozi, the first son of the president, to the position of the Special Forces Group commander in the UPDF forms part of the Museveni succession plan.

The government denies the existence of a succession plan.


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