KENYA: Social movement wants state’s chief prosecutor removed

tobikoPXA national social movement in Kenya wants the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko removed from office, alleging that he is delaying justice

Bunge La Mwananchi (the people’s parliament) are concerned with the manner and speed with which the office of the DPP is handling case files brought him for prosecution.

“There are currently a number of files, which are lying in his office for more than two years waiting for the DPP to act,” Bunge said in a petition to the Public Service Commission.

“We believe this is deliberate and ill-intended. Justice delayed is justice denied. We seek to ask the DPP stop procrastination and begin to work with speed for Kenyans to get justice on a number of issues they want addressed at the law courts.”

Bunge cites a case they claim was investigated and brought before Tobiko for prosecution over two years ago yet no action has been taken. The main suspect in the case is one contractor named Jacob Juma who is accused of forgery of land documents and title deeds.

In a reply to Bunge, the PSC asked for evidence against Tobiko.

“The petition was placed before the Commission who have directed that in order to enable them to proceed with the petition more effectively, there is need for you to supply them with all relevant documents and evidence that are in support of your petition,” PSC said.

Article 158(2) of the Constitution of Kenya grants any person aggrieved by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutor to file a petition to the office of Public Service Commission and begin the process of his removal.



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